Michael Douglas plays teacher in new Ant-Man clip

The new Ant-Man footage continues to come thick and fast, with Marvel releasing another new clip online, as Michael Douglas's Hank Pym puts Scott Lang (Paul Rudd) through his paces as he gets to grips with his new suit.

"The suit has power", he explains helpfully, before setting Lang the task of taking a run at a closed door and diving through the keyhole. Needless to say, it's easier said than done.

Check out the new clip, below…

As soon as Rudd was cast in the leading role it was clear that Ant-Man was going to have a sense of humour, but it's not just the main man getting the chance to show off his comic timing, with Douglas and Evangeline Lilly playing this scene very nicely indeed. We can look forward to more miniature chuckles when the film opens in the UK and US on 17 July 2015.

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George Wales

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