McG to direct Batman 3!

You already know that Eddie Murphy will be playing The Riddler in the new Batman movie, but who will be directing him? can exclusively reveal that Christopher Nolan is officially off Batman 3: The Darker Knight, and McG has signed on to replace him.

Speaking from the moon, McG said: "I went to Great England to seek Nolan's approval. He said that he knows how tough it is to follow a brilliant film, after his experiences on Memento 2: I Still Can't Remember Where I Put My Keys."

He added: "Christian Bale wanted to sign up for the movie, but I'm a bit bored of working with him after Charlie's Angels: Salvation, so I've cast a horse as Batman. We're working on teaching him to talk at the moment."

McG has also cast an angry bear as Alfred and M Night Shyamalan as Catwoman.

"James Cameron is teaching me how to make 3D movies," McG said. "Because Batman 3D is a really good title for a film."

[Apologies to: Ain't It Cool News ]