McConaughey strikes Gold

The last time Matthew McConaughey went hunting for treasure in a desert, we got Sahara. So you can understand that we’ll be hoping for something a little, well, better this time around.

Fool’s Gold finds McConaughey well within his comfort zone as a charming surf bum with a yen for a long-lost bounty called The Queen’s Dowry. Sadly for him, his endless pursuit of trinkets has cost him a happy marriage to Kate Hudson, who has taken a job on a swanky yacht. Naturally, McConaughey finds a clue to his ultimate treasure target, finagles his way onto the ship and convinces billionaire Donald Sutherland to help him in his quest.

And yes, Hudson comes along… you can probably figure out the rest, but there looks to be some screwball romantic comedy and Ray Winstone cropping up as the villain. Track down the trailer here .

source:( MovieFone )