McConaughey is a Mummy's boy

Having turned his back on the rom-com malarkey for the last couple of years, everyone’s favourite Texan is back - tan, pecs and pearly white smile set to stun.

Yes, Matthew McConaughey (just in case you thought we meant George Bush) stars as a thirty-something layabout who refuses to fly the parental nest and who can blame him? He has his friends over for the footy, his washing done and he pays no rent.

Finally, his old man snaps and decides it’s time to get drastic. In comes Sarah Jessica Parker, a lifestyle coach who believes the best way to make Matty move is to make him fall in love. We can’t even begin to guess where the story will go from here folks… can you?

It’s helmed by Shanghai Noon lenser Tom Dey from a script by TV comedy scribblers Tom J Astle and Matt Ember. Click here to check out Matt sweeping SJP off of her Manolo encased feet…