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Marvel planning to drop key characters for Avengers 3?

Marvel has been known to take the odd risk from time to time, which might go some way towards explaining the latest rumour that the studio is planning to drop some of its most popular characters for The Avengers 3 .

According to Badass Digest , with many of Marvel’s key players on the brink of running down their contracts, the studio is planning to keep them in the fold for longer by having them sit out the third Avengers movie.

For example, Chris Evans has only two movies left on his current deal, with one of those certain to be Captain America 3 . Rather than renegotiate a costly extension, could Marvel be thinking of using him more sparingly as the Avengers saga progresses?

One big name who is sure to return is Robert Downey Jr., with his contract stipulating that his next film be The Avengers 3 . However, the report suggests that he may well be the perfect character to share the load with some secondary players…

With Doctor Strange and Ant-Man about to be introduced to the Marvel universe, the Avengers lineup isn’t necessarily set in stone, and it’s not as though the studio doesn’t have plenty more to draw upon.

Even more reason to enjoy Avengers: Age Of Ultron , then. It might be the last we see of the current lineup for some time to come…

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