Marvel making an Iron Fist

If you thought Marvel had blown their load on cramming every available superhero into The Avengers , then think again because they’ve just given another one his own film.

Iron Fist will tell the story of a martial artist who gets himself into a scrap with a dragon, plunges his fists into the beast’s molten heart, and finds them transformed into a pair of indestructible weapons. As you do.

Naturally he decides to use his newfound might for good, but not before his poor old dad meets an untimely end at the hands of a killer. Um, anyone else thinking Spiderman at this point…?

The studio have hired screenwriter Rich Wilkes (best known for his work on the XXX series, but try not to hold that against him) to knock up a script, with the film to be set up at Disney after the Mouse House’s $4 billion deal last year to secure character rights to the Marvel universe.

No word as yet on any casting, but expect the usual Sam Worthington/Chris Evans/Channing Tatum, rumours to start appearing shortly.

George Wales

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