Mad Max: Fury Road set for 3 weeks of re-shoots

Mad Max: Fury Road has endured an arduous journey to fruition, and there seems to be a way to go yet, with the film set to begin three weeks of re-shoots.

Having shot for approximately six months in the latter half of 2012, we had been hoping to see the finished film arrive later this year, but that now seems extremely unlikely.

Some of the film’s primary players are expected to reconvene for the reshoots, although it's not entirely clear if that'll include lead Tom Hardy, which suggests that there is some major surgery to be performed on the project.

Up until now we’ve seen next to nothing official from the long-awaited sequel, with just the occasional image of a souped-up road vehicle to remind us that this one is happening at all.

Should the re-shoots go to plan, Mad Max: Fury Road might be expected to make its bow during summer 2014, but with no official release date confirmed as yet, we won’t be holding our breath…

George Wales

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