Lost Ark is a new MMO from Amazon Game Studios

Lost Ark reveal screenshot
(Image credit: Amazon Game Studios)

Lost Ark is a Korean MMO heading West via Amazon Game Studios.

Lost Ark's western release was announced during the Summer Game Fest at this year's E3 2021. The new title via Amazon Game Studios is a top-down MMO RPG that is slated to be launching sometime in Fall 2021 where players will be able to play for free.

The reveal included a mixture of cinematics and gameplay and seems to bear some similarities to Diablo. Players will be able to engage in a dark fantasy story from Lost Ark featuring swords and guns as they battle against large beasts. It certainly seems to include a lot of creatures that and deal great amounts of damage including a dragon.

On the official website, it’s detailed that players are a part of Arkesia, a world that once saw Kazeros, a demon defeated by a relic called Ark. The thing is, that demon has returned with an army of beasts, so things aren’t looking too good for civilization. While players can explore the open world’s continents and seas, they’ll also be taking part in PvP combat, battles, and raids.

Lost Ark promises easy-to-learn features and pick-up-and-play action. There’s a Tripod system that has three tiers of customization so players can define their character’s abilities and how they fight with the ARPG-style combat. It also seems to include a bunch of additional world content such as non-combat skills to learn, crafting to do, guilds to join, and social systems.

If you want to get in on this early, there’s a Closed Technical Alpha Test from June 11 through to 16 taking place. All you need to do is sign-up here. The first wave of players will be invited in on June 11.

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