Salt and Sacrifice coming in 2022

Salt and Sacrifice is coming to PlayStation consoles in 2022. 

During Summer Games Fest, Kick-Off Live! Sony’s Shuhei Yoshida took to the stage to announce Salt and Sacrifice, a sequel to Salt and Sanctuary.

Accompanied by a new trailer, Salt and Sacrifice looks to once again be full of daunting and haunting new bosses. You will thankfully not have to go it alone though as it’s been confirmed both local and online co-op will be in the game. 

The title is currently slated to launch in 2022 on PS4 and PS5. No further specifications are made, so it’s not clear if this is going to be earlier or later next year.

It is not clear yet if this is an exclusive deal for the indie game, but the first had a staggered release. Launching on PlayStation 4, it only took a couple of months to come to Xbox. No news has yet been shared about other platforms for the game. 

Salt and Sacrifice will focus on putting you in the shoes of an indebted criminal who must explore this frightening world. The description for the game reads: “Explore a new era and region, as well as a new role: a Marked Inquisitor. A Marked Inquisitor is a criminal condemned, yet spared the hand of justice in exchange for a lifetime of service in the unending war against Mages: twisted, irredeemable creatures of elemental malice.”

Fittingly, this world looks anything but friendly, with all sorts of giants, monsters, and twisted beings trying to stop you in your tracks. In short, it looks equally as twisted as its predecessor. 

Salt and Sanctuary was an indie darling from 2016 that really great a dedicated and loving fanbase, and it seems developer Ska Studios is ready to invite fans into their next project. In a world where too many games are compared to Dark Souls, Salt and Sanctuary was a really interesting take on the genre. Matching much of the dour mood of From Software’s games, Ska Studios were able to take the idea and translate it to a 2D plane.

We can't wait to see more from this sequel when it launches in 2022. 

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