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Diablo Immortal is "on track" to launch in 2021

Diablo Immortal
(Image credit: Blizzard)

Activision Blizzard says Diablo Immortal is "on track" for a global launch sometime in 2021.

The first official news of Diablo Immortal's release window was revealed during Activison Blizzard's Q1 earnings report (thanks, Venture Beat). "On mobile, Diablo Immortal entered its second phase of testing and is on track for global release later this year," reads the brief portion on Blizzard's upcoming mobile title.

Again, this is the first we've heard from the publisher itself on Diablo Immortal's launch window, though it's worth clarifying that "on track" doesn't necessarily mean it's 100 % confirmed for 2021. I hope that's the case though, because Diablo Immortal sounds like a worthy experience to hold us over until Diablo 4 launches, hopefully sometime this millennium. 

Our Diablo Immortal hands-on preview found a lot to love in Blizzard's stripped-down mobile sequel to Diablo 2. "My extended time spent in the Diablo Immortal Closed Alpha didn't reveal a half-baked, cash-in on Blizzard's long loved dungeon crawling series. Instead, what this mobile title offers is a bite-sized, streamlined variant on the Diablo formula; one that's neither as deep or content-rich as its mainline counterparts, but arguably just as enjoyable to play, and thus presents a tempting way to kill some time, and plenty of demons, no matter where you are in the world," reads a section of the preview.

Also releasing this year is Diablo 2: Resurrected, a ground-up remake of the 2000 ARPG classic. If that sounds more to your liking, you'll be happy to hear that our hands-on impressions are that the remake is a great time even if you haven't played the original game.

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