25 best iPhone games to make your commute 97% better


As much as we might wish it, you simply can’t put your PS4, Xbox One, or even your Nintendo Switch in your pocket (yet).  The only thing small enough to take absolutely anywhere is your iPhone, making it perfect for on-the-go gaming. Only thing is, there’s one problem when you’re searching for your next mobile game. The App Store has literally thousands of games to choose from. Unless you’re primed and ready to sift through every single one using your supernatural patience, finding the best games all by yourself can be tricky. So to help out we’ve brought together the 25 best iPhone games to save you some time. And sanity. 

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25.  Miracle Merchant 

Genre: Card
Price: $1.99 / £1.99

Take the core premise of solitaire, blend with a mathematical points system and a peculiar art style, then add just a dash of strategy. Voila! The result would look a lot like Miracle Merchant. You use randomly dealt piles of cards to create potions for a line of customers. Include their favorite ingredients, and you’ll get extra points. Run out of an ingredient before you can help someone who needs it, and you’ll lose. It’s colorful, kooky, and a very good time.

Download Miracle Merchant here (US)
Download Miracle Merchant here (UK)

24. Data Wing

Genre: Racing

Data Wing is a very clever little 2D-physics enabled racing game wrapped up with funny, occasionally philosophical dialogue and a fantastic vaporwave soundtrack. The best part is that you've got nothing to lose by trying it: Data Wing is one-hundred percent free. There aren't even any of those optional 'support the developer' purchases that get rid of advertisements or whatever, it's just free. Easily worth a download for the music alone.

Download Data Wing here (US)
Download Data Wing here (UK)

23. Lumino City

Genre: Puzzle / Adventure
Price: $4.99 / £4.99

If you need a better recommendation than us avid mobile gamers of GamesRadar+, then you’ll be pleased to hear that Lumino City also won a BAFTA back in 2015. And it’s easy to see why. It’s a stunning puzzle adventure game made entirely out of paper, card, fairy lights and other real-world objects. You’re playing as Lumi and her grandfather’s gone missing, but in order to find him you’ll have to unlock all of Lumino City’s secrets. Every scene is intricately detailed and utterly gorgeous, and the puzzles do just enough to consistently stretch your grey matter.

Download Lumino City here (US)
Download Lumino City here (UK)

22. Vignettes

Genre: Puzzle
Price: $2.99 / £2.99

It’s all about perspective and discovery in this technicolor game. Vignettes presents you with an object. As you twist and turn it, that first object can morph into other items. That might sound simple, but uncovering each new surprise in Vignettes feels magical. It’s a bit of a head trip, but one well worth taking.

Download Vignettes here (US)
Download Vignettes here (UK)

21. Alto's Adventure

Genre: Endless runner
Price: $4.99 / £4.99

Most game depictions of snowboarding show the sport as a big, brash, adrenaline-fuelled business. Alto’s Adventure offers a soothing, zen-like counterpoint. You cut down a picturesque mountainside full of llamas to collect and flag buntings to grind. It’s relaxing and lovely, with one of the best soundtracks around.

Download Alto’s Adventure here (US)
Download Alto’s Adventure here (UK)

20. Old Man's Journey

Genre: Puzzle
Price: $4.99 / £4.99

If you need reminding that the older generation aren't just concerned with Werthers Originals, take your fingers for a stroll through this picturesque tale of memories and regrets. The art will make you sentimental for your childhood picture books and the simple puzzles - adjusting various parts of the landscape so the titular old bloke can cross the screen - warms up your brain, like someone has just sloshed a nice milky tea down your earhole. Comforting like one of Grandpa's cardigans.

Download Old Man's Journey here (US)
Download Old Man's Journey here (UK)

19. Rusty Lake Hotel

Genre: Puzzle/Adventure
Price: $1.99 / £1.99

The Rusty Lake series is actually comprised of three games: Rusty Lake Hotel, Rusty Lake: Roots, and Rusty Lake Paradise. But, trust me on this, you need to start with Hotel. Much like classic adventure games, Rusty Lake Hotel is all about solving obscure puzzles in order to retrieve necessary items and advance the plot. What sets Hotel apart is its fabulous-yet-macabre presentation, as each of your guests at the titular hotel is an anthropomorphic animal... whom you must kill and prepare for dinner. Rusty Lake has all the sensibilities of an Edward Gorey short: gruesome and bleak, but you can't help but chuckle at its grim humor.

Download Rusty Lake Hotel here (US)
Download Rusty Lake Hotel here (UK)

18. Love You to Bits

Genre: Puzzle
Price: $3.99 / £3.99

Don’t you just love it when a game takes its name totally literally? Love You to Bits sees you play as a young astronaut whose robot girlfriend gets blown to pieces before his eyes in a crash. Her various parts - from head to feet and everything in between - get scattered across the galaxy in precarious positions, and you’ve got to go retrieve them in order to put her back together again. It’s a futuristic Humpty Dumpty love story all wrapped up in a brilliantly whimsical puzzle game full of strange critters, kooky planets and even the odd robot disco. 

Download Love You to Bits here (US)
Download Love You to Bits here (UK)

17.  Hearthstone 

Genre: Card
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Online card games don't get much better than Hearthstone. Blizzard's immensely popular CCG is equal parts competitive and fun, balancing deep strategy and deck-building possibilities with a light-hearted atmosphere and fantastic presentation. You can amass a respectable collection of cards without ever spending a cent, and though Hearthstone's online multiplayer is its main draw for most, those who prefer to play against AI will love the single-player adventures. No matter your preferred class or deck playstyle, everyone can find something to love in Hearthstone.  

Download Hearthstone here (US)
Download Hearthstone here (UK)