25 best iPhone games to make your commute 97% better

16. Device6

Genre: Puzzle/Adventure
Price: $3.99 / £3.99

Device6 is a tough one to explain. Yes, it's a puzzle game, but not the kind where you move blocks around or try to escape from a room. For each wordy challenge (Device6 is mainly text, as if you were reading a book), you'll need to think creatively and even use your iPhone in unexpected ways. Turn your mobile to one side to get to the next bit of the puzzle, flip it around when the text changes direction, backtrack to find clues to puzzles in previous chapters...this is the rare phone game that really could not be replicated anywhere else. 

Download Device6 here (US)
Download Device6 here (UK)

15. Framed 2

Genre: Puzzle
Price: $4.99 / £4.99

Many games draw their inspiration from comic books. But rather than retread the stories of their superhero characters, Framed and its brand new sequel Framed 2 build on simple concept of comic book panels. You have to rearrange or pivot the panels of a noir mystery tale to guide the main character safely around the authorities. You also get to see your failed attempts play out with excruciating consequences...so be prepared to feel sorry for Framed 2’s poor detective. 

Download Framed 2 here (US)
Download Framed 2 here (UK)

14. 80 Days

Genre: Adventure / story
Price: $4.99 / £4.99

Lots of games tout the ability to choose your own adventure, but few are as well-written and overflowing with possibilities as 80 Days. You’re in the shoes of Monsieur Phileas Fogg's attendant Passepartout, who must manage the expedition’s funds and find the fastest routes across the globe. Start a conversation, follow revolutionaries, or just wander the city at night. The choices - and repercussions - are yours.

Download 80 Days here (US)
Download 80 Days here (UK)

13. Pokemon GO

Genre: Augmented reality
Price: Free

Few things have broken the Internet to the degree that Pokemon Go did. Piles of tweets, hilarious photos, and many truly bizarre tales of obsessive collection make this more than just a mobile game. It’s a cultural phenomenon. The basic idea is that you walk around your neighborhood - or the country, or the world - with your phone, using augmented reality (and a lot of mobile data) to find the pokemon hidden on the streets. Then you catch them with nothing other than pokeballs! The smash sensation is awash with updates now, so it’s the perfect time to get back to catching ‘em all.

Download Pokemon GO here (US)
Download Pokemon GO here (UK)

12. Severed

Genre: RPG adventure
Price: £6.99 / $6.99

Severed is weird game to explain, but one that makes perfect sense when it clicks. You explore a strangely fantastical world in first person, battling monsters as you go. Combat works by slashing and slicing at the screen to damage monsters, or block their attacks, and, eventually, you can slice of parts off to upgrade your abilities (hence the name!). There’s a Mertroidvania feel to progression: you explore and backtrack, building up the abilities you need to reach different areas which combines with puzzles, the fighting, and an unusual art style to make a very different and enjoyable experience. 

Download Severed here (US)
Download Severed here (UK)

11. Fallout Shelter

Genre: Builder
Price: Free

For you Bethesda fans who have always wished you could take the Wasteland on the go, your problem has been solved. Fallout Shelter puts you in the blue jumpsuit of a Vault Overseer. You have to maintain all the critical components of the Vault, from food and power to protection from rampaging Deathclaws. It’s a perfect distillation of the future-retro universe into your iPhone.

Download Fallout Shelter here (US)
Download Fallout Shelter here (UK)

10. Crypt of the Necrodancer

Genre: Roguelike
Price: $4.99 / £4.99

Crypt of the Necrodancer is essentially Dance Dance Revolution meets roguelike dungeon crawling - the kind of eccentric genre mashup that makes perfect sense the moment you play it. Choosing one of many intrepid dungeon delvers, you must explore and fight your way through procedurally generated, enemy-filled floors, all in time to catchy chiptune music. Keeping a steady rhythm for each action is paramount to success and survival, so make sure not to lose the beat as you bash skeletons, oozes, and all manner of pixelated monsters.

Download Crypt of the Necrodancer here (US)
Download Crypt of the Necrodancer here (UK)

9. Threes!

Genre: Match-three
Price: Free / £2.99

You might initially dismiss Threes! as just another Candy Crush clone, hoping to make its version of the match-three craze work. Well, although it is technically a match-three game, it’s far more creative than that. You have to match numbers by sliding the appropriate tiles around the board. It starts off simply enough, with 1+2 making 3, 3+3 making 6 and 6+6 making 12 and so on. But there’s only limited space on your board, so the higher you climb, the more numbers you have to contend with. It’s a constant strive for your next highest score, and with one wrong slide sometimes costing you an entire game, it’s very, very easy to get a little too obsessed with Threes!.

Download Threes! here (US)
Download Threes! here (UK)

8. Animal Crossing: Pocket Camp

Genre: Sim
Price: Free (with in-app purchases)

Because no one wants to wait any longer for Animal Crossing on Switch. It doesn’t quite have the infinite joys of its handheld cousins but there’s adorable charm to be found here as you design your own campground and play host to your favourite Animal Crossing stars. Plus, there’s no real reason to invest with actual cash either as you fish, catch bugs, pick fruit, design your camper, and even water flowers to pass the time before a full game arrives.  

Download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp here (US)
Download Animal Crossing Pocket Camp here (UK)

7. Monument Valley 2

Genre: Puzzle
Price: $4.99 / £4.99

Imagine if every M.C. Escher painting (you know, the ones with the steps) was actually an interactive puzzle with moveable parts, twisting the optical illusion into various different forms. Well, that’s basically what Monument Valley 2 does. Like its predecessor, Monument Valley 2 asks you to guide a mute protagonist (and sometimes her daughter too) through each puzzle, moving each piece until pathways appear in the confusion. A beautiful story, stunning graphics, almost haunting soundtrack and brilliant puzzling combine to make this one of the most memorable iPhone game experiences. 

Download Monument Valley 2 here (US)
Download Monument Valley 2 here (UK)