A fascinating Marvel multiverse theory could explain what's going on with Renslayer and Kang in Loki season 2

Ant-Man and the Wasp Quantumania
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Kang the Conqueror is shaping up to be a terrifying big bad in Loki season 2 – and already from episode 1, we know that the villain and Ravonna Renslayer have a mysterious history together after Loki stumbled across an audio recording of them both. 

Not much has been revealed yet, but one Marvel theory might explain just why Kang is so intent on conquering the multiverse… and it all comes down to Renslayer. 

Kang and Renslayer multiverse theory


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Way back in the Loki season 1 finale, we were introduced to He Who Remains, a variant of Kang the Conqueror who was guarding the Sacred Timeline. Kang, who made his debut in Ant-Man and the Wasp: Quantumania, has sinister designs on the multiverse, putting an infinite number of worlds into mortal danger. 

One Marvel fan, though, has theorized a motivation for Kang that takes the massive scale of his plans and narrows it down to one reason: Judge Renslayer. 

"It's not about control of the multiverse, it's about her," the theorizer writes on Reddit. "The her being Renslayer, the woman who existed and fell in love with Kang in one version of reality, the one version that Kang had to preserve at all costs, the one worth wiping out universe after universe to keep."

The theory even takes into account the apparently tragic figure of He Who Remains: "But if that's true, you're asking, why is He Who Remains alone at the end, basically wishing for death, while Renslayer is apparently oblivious?

"Well, maybe because when Kang revealed what he had done for her, she couldn't take it. She lost all love for him. Heartbroken, Kang wiped her memory but kept her around. He preserved some part of her personality in Miss Minutes, to help him run the TVA and tinker with the timeline for a way to get her back. But after failing for so long… he's tired and ready to give up, let another pair of lovers give it a try." 

Loki and Sylvie, of course, are their own peculiar paramours of sorts – and Sylvie killed He Who Remains in the season 1 finale and unleashed the multiverse.

"Yet, he knows, he knows, the other Kangs aren't driven by love like he was," continues the fan. "And as bad as his actions may have been, it can get worse. All of existence will hinge on their love, and whether Kang can accept that he may not get to keep her." 

It's too early to tell if this theory will prove correct, but in Marvel comics, Kang and Renslayer are lovers. The audio Loki overhears in the season 2 premiere also makes the pair seem very cozy at one point, too. 

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