Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Gold Brick locations guide

Millennium Falcon

 This is a nice and easy area to start our hunt. 

Gold Brick #1

Over on the west side of the ship where you'll spawn in with the droids is a minigame.

Approach the table by the driods to play Dejarik Battle and take control of the monsters to fend of waves of puny humans and other bipedal aliens.

After the final wave you'll be awarded a gold brick.

Gold Brick #2

In the same room you'll see a panel to the left of the doorway opposite the table. 

Use the force to pull it down.

The gold brick is behind it along with three violent flying droids. 

Gold Brick #3

Head to the northwest room on the ship.

Destroy the crates and other miscellaneous bits and bobs in the corner.

Once it's clear, you can pick up the gold brick.

Gold Brick #4

In the same room is a race for BB-8.

You'll get the gold brick once you complete it.

Gold Brick #5

There's a small alcove along the corridor on the eastern side of the ship.

Use a character resistant to cold to turn the valve and bring the temperature down a few hundred notches.

The ice around the gold brick will thaw and melt allowing you to scoop it up.

Gold Brick #6

Head down the corridor to the slightly larger alcove to the south.

Switch to a character impervious to toxic gas and head in there. 

Turn the valve on the right to start up the fan and clear out the fumes. 

Sidle over to the left and use the resistance terminal.

The gold brick will fall from the ceiling.

Gold Brick #7

You need to use the dark force to open four red panels in the ship.

Head to the room on the east side of the ship.

There are two panels in here on the left.

The other two are in the room on the west side of the ship with the two droids.

Gold Brick #8

For the last brick on the ship, head to the general mission icon in northern prt of the circular corridor.

Use the ladder here to start the mission.

Shoot the asteroids flying past until you've hit the quota to get the gold brick.

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