Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Gold Brick locations guide

Starkiller Base (continued)

Gold Brick #24

The gold brick is in the same spot as number 23.

Use the scan ability at the front of the building.

Switch to a character with a lightsaber and slice open the door.

The gold brick is inside.

Gold Brick #25

Head further down the path to the east. 

There's a stormtrooper trapped in a block of ice.

Defrost him for the gold brick.

Gold Brick #26

We're now entering the uterus on the portion of the map that strongly resembles the female reproductive system. 

Start the race that's near the left fallopian tube and complete it for the gold brick.

Gold Brick #27

Head down to the southern end of the area.

Complete the race for a gold brick.

Gold Brick #28

Go back up towards the right fallopian tube.

Speak to the stormtrooper to start the First Order mission.

Use the grapple plug to reach the ledge above.

Gold Brick #29

Head to the general mission icon near the top of the map.

You need to follow the commanding officer to the different pads.

Wrangle up the stormtroopers nearby and have them give you a hand to finish the mission.

Gold Brick #30

We need to get to the roof for the next batch of missions.

There's a grapple plug on the side you can use to swing on up there.

Accept the First Order mission to help with the reenactment for the gold brick. You have to destroy 12 vehicles. 

Gold Brick #31

The next First Order mission is on the roof so stay up here.

Talk to Captain Phasma who will decide that you need a spot of training.

Shoot the holograms to complete the mission and get your brick.

Gold Brick #32

Pop back down to ground level and over to the general mission icon.

This one is a BB-8 challenge.

Smash stuff within the time limit for the gold brick.

Gold Brick #33

Next up is the scavenger mission on the other side of the building.

Accept the mission from the stormtrooper and follow the blue studs.

After the cutscene with the small droid, use the First Order terminal to lower the shield and follow it inside.

Head through the small access hatch in the corner.

The droid and the weapon you're after are on the other side.

Gold Brick #34

Leave the area and head down the path to the east.

Get involved with the race here for the next gold brick.

Gold Brick #35

There's a resistance mission in the open area at the end of the path.

Talk to the guy in the cage to initiate it.

Head away from the cage and use the scan ability.

Focus on the cage and it'll turn into silver lego. Go ahead and stick a bomb on there. 

Cue the Wampa. Take it down to finish the mission.

Gold Brick #36

This gold brick couldn't be easier to collect.

To the left of the guy in the cage is a precarious strip of ice with a gold brick floating tantalisingly above it.

Edge out over the abyss and it's yours.

Gold Brick #37

Carry on across the ice bridge to the opposite side.

You'll be immediately attacked by stormtroopers.

Defeat all nine for the gold brick.

Gold Brick #38

The last gold brick in this part of the map is opposite the caged resistance fighter.

Blow up the silver Lego rock near the cliff.

You can assemble the debris to make a stud wall.

The gold brick is at the top.

Gold Brick #39

After freeing the pilot, a new resistance mission will appear back at the start of the area.

You'll find the pilot skulking around underneath the walkway.

Blow up the three ships to complete the mission.

Gold Brick #40

A general mission will now be available to the west.

Speak to the guy and follow the blue studs.

After a bit of pest extermination, you'll have another gold brick in the bag.

Gold Brick #41

Head north to the open area where a new race icon has popped up.

Run the race within the time limit for a gold brick.

Gold Brick #42

We can pick up a new First Order mission inside the hangar here.

You may need to use the terminal outside if the barrier is up.

Talk to the stormtrooper in the corner then smash up the objects by the doorway.

Reassemble them to get the disc you need.

Gold Brick #43

Make your way to the other half of the map for another First Order mission.

Talk to the stormtrooper and follow the blue studs all the way back to the start area.

The guy in the tower will give you what you need to finish the mission. 

Gold Brick #44

You can get the penultimate gold brick in the northern half of this area.

Choose a Microfighter and destroy eight vehicles in the Microfighter Skirmish.

Gold Brick #45

The last gold brick on this map is directly to the south.

Enter the last Micofighter Skirmish and we're all done here.

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