Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens Gold Brick locations guide


This is it - the last area. Only 44 gold bricks hidden throughout Jakku left to find.

Gold Brick #1

First up is a general mission.

You can pick this up near the spawn point on the map.

Set the lap record near Maz's castle to complete the objective.

Gold Brick #2

Next we have a scavenger mission.

We need to collect three components to complete it.

Head to the first highlighted area on the right.

Destroy the droid and the crates to find all six pellets.

Now make your way to the highlighted area in the middle.

You can get the ice cream from the crates and by killing the stormtroopers.

Continue to the last highlighted area on the left.

Go up the ramp to the room above.

You'll be attached as soon as you enter. The jars will be left behind by enemies and you can get extra from the crates in the corner.

Gold Brick #3

Staying in this area, a general mission is next.

Speak to Unkar Plutt to accept it.

Get through the shootout to reach the AT-ST.

Follow the path out and Unkar will meet you a short distance away.

Gold Brick #4

We're grabbing another mission for this one.

Talk to the stormtrooper to accept the First Order mission.

As per his instructions, shoot anything that looks at you funny.

Gold Brick #5

Yep, it's another mission.

This time it's a bounty hunt.

Take out Grummgar's 20 minions before facing him to wrap up the mission.

Gold Brick #6

Head to the translate mission icon next.

Accept the mission and follow the blue stud path.

Destroy the crate by the solar panels to get yourself some Lego pieces.

Build a BB-8 platform to reposition the panels.

Then make a BB-8 socket to power up the ice machine.

Once it's working, the mission will be complete.

Gold Brick #7

Now that the missions on this part of the map are out of the way, it' time to ferret out some hidden gold bricks. 

Use the force to remove the wooden boards covering up two BB-8 sockets.

Interact with them both and a ship will pass over, dropping a crate.

The brick is inside.

Gold Brick #8

Head out into the desert.

Complete the race for a brick.

Gold Brick #9

Make your way to the south.

Use the dark force to destroy the tower here.

There's a gold brick amidst the rubble.

Gold Brick #10

Keep heading south.

Run the race to get the gold brick.

Gold Brick #11

Make your way over to the southeast corner of the desert.

Use the grapple plug to reach the platform on the downed ship.

You'll find the gold brick up here.

Gold Brick #12

Head to the First Order mission icon on the map above.

You need to head to three highlighted locations on the map to find resistance members.

When you reach each location, head to the spot that will let you use the scan ability.

Scan the group of three civilians in each area and the First Order will take them away.

Gold Brick #13

Head to the scavenger mission to the west.

Follow the blue studs to the mission location.

Take out the enemies waiting for you.

Grab the blue disc and you're done.

Gold Brick #14

The general mission is next.

Build one of two vehicles with the parts and finish the race for the brick.

Gold Brick #15

Pop over to the general mission icon circled in red on the map above.

It's back to space for this one.

After the timed run, get ready to deal with a wave of enemies. Once you're done, you'll get the gold brick.

Gold Brick #16

Head to the general mission in the west.

Follow the stud path after accepting the mission and defeat 15 enemies for the gold brick.

Gold Brick #17

This gold brick is next to the general mission we just picked up.

Break the cracked Lego wall to access the ramp beyond.

You'll find the gold brick up here.

Gold Brick #18

The First Order mission to the north is our next stop.

You need to visit the three highlighted spots on the map to fix the satellite dishes.

At each dish, chase off the resistance members.

The build a BB-8 socket to power the dish. Once all three areas have been seen to, you'll get the gold brick.

Gold Brick #19

Carry on northwards for the next gold brick.

Climb up the scaffold with the white ladder propped against it.

Hop onto the zip-line at the top for the gold brick.

Gold Brick #20

Head to the race icon in this area.

The starting point is at the top of the scaffold with the stud wall.

This one is actually an obstacle course that you have to run on foot. Finish it within the time limit for the gold brick.

Gold Brick #21

Start heading down the southwest path.

Pick up the resistance mission along here.

Defeat two waves of enemies to be rewarded with a gold brick.

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