Legendary's Bestiary


In Myth

The Minotaur was a monster in Greek mythology born from the mating between King Minos of Crete’s wife and a white bull. The Minotaur was captured and imprisoned in an intricate labyrinth built by the master craftsman Daedalus under orders from King Minos. Every ninth year, seven young men and seven maidens from Athens were sacrificed to the Minotaur. The creature finally met its match with the hero Theseus, who used an ordinary ball of thread to guide him through the labyrinth. Upon solving the labyrinth, Theseus then slayed the Minotaur and rescued the Athenians or so we thought...

The Truth about Minotaurs

Whoever wrote that there’s only one of these beasts is very lucky he’s not alive to see how wrong he was! I’ve had to face at least two of these and it’s truly a miracle I survived. Minotaurs are massive tanks that are extremely irritable. Piss off one and it will pummel through steel and anything else standing in its way to kill you.

Physical Attributes

Minotaurs are the most persistent and, therefore, most dangerous foe you will face. Possessing the body of a human but the head of a bull, this abomination stands 10 feet tall. Towering over any human, it is impossible to escape one’s grip without killing it or being killed. Its chest is made of a virtually impenetrable, thick hide so most of your bullets will drop like flies as soon as they hit this ogre-like fiend. As if its size and strength weren’t enough Minotaurs are also equipped with massive horns which guarantees your quick and painful demise unless you prepare for a fight with a Minotaur before it happens.

In Combat

You might think because Minotaurs prefer attacking in open areas that you have a fighting chance without planning your attacks. But that just isn’t the case, thanks to the Minotaur’s impermeable attack pattern. A Minotaur attacks by charging its target from very far distances. It also likes to fight dirty so it will likely throw any objects within its reach at you.

But however impossible surviving a fight with this abominable beast may seem, remember that its powerful attacks and high defense also create a weakness that any quick-witted opponent can exploit. In order to charge their targets, these heavy giants have to build up a lot of momentum; dodge its charging attacks and the sluggish ogre will be forced to stop for a quick breather. Then, maximize your momentary advantage by quickly moving behind the Minotaur. Using a shotgun or high-powered rifle, fire at the creature’s back.

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