Legendary's Bestiary

Tsuchigumo’s Children (Blood Spiders)

In Myth

Tsuchigumo was a mythical creature faced by the character Minamoto no Raiko in ancient Japanese folklore. Said to live in caverns beneath mountains, Tsuchigumo was able to manipulate its appearance. While in search of a mythical skull, Minamoto was lured into a house by a Tsuchigumo in the guise of a young boy. Taking the young boy under his wing, Minamoto makes him part of his troop and allows the boy to remain with him.

However, after becoming increasingly ill Minamoto realizes the house and the boy are part of an illusion. He strikes out at the young boy who then flees the scene. After the boy is wounded Minamoto is able to see clearly through the veil of deceit and finds himself woven into a spider web. Minamoto follows a trail of blood in pursuit of the boy only to discover that the trail ends at an enormous spider, lying dead from a fatal wound.

The Truth about Blood Spiders

Tiny and agile, these fiendish critters only look weak to someone who hasn’t had to fight them. However, their power is irrelevant because their sheer numbers will completely overwhelm you. You’re only salvation is to discover and exploit their weakness, but you are lucky I’ve already done that for you. I had the patience to put some theories to test and figure out how maximize the damage you deal these little bastards, and I have wounds to prove it so YOU’RE WELCOME!

Physical Attributes

Tsuchigumo’s Children are tiny, evil creatures, who attack in packs of no less than several hundred. Spat out from a large hive, the spiders are roughly the size of a human infant. These vermin use their small size and dark bodies to mask their numbers, you might think you only see one hundred but there may be hundreds more lurking in the shadow waiting to lunge at you when you least expect it.

In Combat

These spiders are very dodgy and rarely stray from the collective, making it impossible to single out one critter amongst a sea of arachnids. Since they are weaker when alone, try to isolate large groups of these monsters into smaller clusters. But if that task proves to be too difficult equip any flame weapons and give ‘em hell!

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