Legendary's Bestiary


In Myth

The Firedrake was a fearsome dragon that lived in a cave guarding a large horde. After someone crept into the dragon's lair and stole some treasure, the Firedrake awoke and searched for it. Upon discovering human foot steps the Firedrake realized who had stolen his treasure. The beast immediately took flight and began tormenting a nearby town, and thus was born the tale of the brave warrior, Beowulf, who slew the evil dragon creature that terrorized the Danish countryside.

The Truth about Firedrakes

Firedrakes are a lot smaller than the legend of Beowulf would have you believe but underestimating their strength because of their smaller size is sure to get you scorched alive. These Nasty, ill-tempered creatures are fast despite the fact that they to be very heavy.

Physical Attributes

The Firedrake is part dog, part dragon. It’s scaly, lizard-like body is born of the flame and ashes of hell itself. They spawn from fires and supernatural columns of flame and continue to smoke and spark as they move. Unsurprisingly, Firedrakes have a knack for turning any enclosed space into a smoky death-trap.

In Combat

From the moment Firedrakes emerge from a fiery opening in the ground, these beasts leave trails of flame on the ground they tread. When distanced from their target, Firedrakes can swiftly transform into ball form. Firedrakes use this rolling attack to deal massive damage to anything not surrounded by water. They can also spit fire across great distances, making it difficult to evade attacks during a battle with multiple Firedrakes. Although they are highly volatile, Firedrakes cower at the mere sight of water. Expose them or the hole from which they emerged to water and the Firedrake will disintegrate into ashes.