Legendary's Bestiary

Currently we are at the start of a blizzard of high profile games, which will eventually lead to an avalanche before the year is over. One game, out next week, is the long awaited Legendary, formerly subtitled The Box. The titular box is Pandora’s, which unleashes mythological monsters all over the modern world. We got some dirt on these beasts straight from thepublisher, which we now share with you, gentle reader.

The following beastly dossier was provided by the mythical madmen at GameCock.

Giant Golem

In Myth

The legend of the Golem originated with a Jewish rabbi who was very holy, and through his closeness with God was transferred power and wisdom. This rabbi used his god given power to create a featureless clay man of colossal proportions. The purpose of this Titan was to protect the Hebrew people in times of need. It was also believed that if a Golem remained active for extended periods of time, it would drastically increase in size and become highly aggressive.

The Truth about Golems

The Golem is a creation born of humanity’s obsession with emulating God’s creation of man. I watched this daunting titan crush helpless people in order to appease whatever maniac is orchestrating its movements. It was the most bewildering, horrific scene I have ever witnessed in my life. This creature’s determination to accomplish its objective will leave any of its challengers with a feeling of complete helplessness. No amount of firepower can stop it from doing so.

Physical Attributes

The Golem is living Electro-Magnetism, a hollow body formed through the fusion of inanimate objects. But the Golem itself is actually the electro-magnetic field that binds the body together. This giant is at least one hundred stories tall, if not more. It doesn’t speak or react to the screams of its victims in any way as it marches robotically to its destination.

In Combat

Almost always spotted in large cities Golems are powerful, remorseless vessels. They only intentionally attack their master’s target, which can make you either one lucky bastard or a poor defenseless quarry – depending on who you’ve pissed off lately. Don’t expect any finesse in this opponent’s fighting style as it prefers to just pummel targets in its powerful fists. And matters only get worse as Golems also possess the ability to draw more rubble and debris to increase their size, while wreaking havoc. The only way to damage a Golem is with the use of the Council of ‘98’s secret EMP technology. I haven’t tried taking a Golem out but from the information I have gathered, The Council has some sort of weapon that can generate an Electro-Magnetic Pulse large enough to cripple one. If you can avoid an encounter with a Golem do it, but if you’ve somehow scored your name on a Golem’s hit list, your only chance at survival is to dig up more details on this weapon.

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