Legendary's Bestiary


In Myth

Kraken is a legendary sea monster of gargantuan proportions, said to have dwelled off the coasts of Norway and Iceland. Often described as an animal “the size of a floating island” the legend is believed to have originated from sightings of real giant squids that reached up to 46 feet in length. These creatures normally live at great depths, but have been sighted at the ocean’s surface and reportedly have "attacked" small ships. However, many believed the real danger to Kraken came from the whirlpool it created as it quickly retreated back into the deep depths of the ocean. The creature’s destructive potential gained it wide notoriety through sailors and nautical adventure books.

The Truth about Kraken

No one really knows what Kraken looks like. The only known fact about Kraken is that it is significantly larger than Echidna. The extraordinary reach of Kraken’s tentacles makes it nearly impossible to predict its movements.

Physical Attributes

Krakens have been depicted many different ways, primarily as large octopus-like creatures. However, some traits of Kraken resemble undersea volcanic activity occurring in the Icelandic region, including bubbles of water; sudden, dangerous currents; and the appearance of new islets.

In Combat

The Kraken is almost entirely submerged in water, only exposing its arms when it attacks. Its powerful tentacles will give it the upper hand in any fight. Therefore, the only way to wound Kraken is to avoid its powerful thrashing arms and focus on firing at its mouth using heavy artillery such as a rocket launcher.

Above: Skip to middle to see the ancient Kraken

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