Legendary's Bestiary


In Mythology

Commonly referred to as the “Cherubs from Hell,” Nari are demonic beings who are believed to have risen from the souls of dead children. Nari can take on a phantasmal form allowing them to pass through solid objects as well as become temporarily indestructible.

The Truth about Nari

Nari are small, agile tricksters who rely on their deceitful nature to lure in prey. From the moment their innocent, childlike faces and seemingly fragile physique fool you into letting your guard down, you’re as good as dead.

Physical Attributes

Small bodies and faces resembling that of a human child allow Nari to easily attract the attention of their favorite prey – humans. Nari have two large talons which they use to lash out at victims in close proximity. Widespread wings also allow these nymph-like creatures to move very fast, making them difficult targets to hunt. Their ghastly pale complexions give Nari the appearance of angelic cherubs, but the lower half of their bodies reveals the more vicious qualities of their nature.

In Combat

Nari attack in small groups by swarming their targets, each taking turns using a powerful charge attack to pick off enemies. Nari quickly switch between their ghost and solid forms to disorient targets, making them more vulnerable to attacks. They can also possess inanimate objects, which is another technique Nari use to mislead enemies into exposing their weaknesses. But these nimble beasts have one weakness, their predictable attack pattern. Nari can only be killed while in their solid form. However, they turn into this form right before attacking. Observe a Nari in combat closely; you will see it bob-and-weave out of your reach in an attempt to disorient you. Lure it out to an area with less movable objects – furniture, debris, etc. When it becomes solid directly in front of you attack it with any powerful weapons you have. I personally relish hacking away at these little bastards until they’re bloody corpses but you might prefer a high powered rifle or a shotgun.

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