Legendary's Bestiary

Echidna Tentacles

In Myth

Often called the "Mother of All Monsters," Echidna mothered every major monster in Greek mythology. After she and her mate, Typhon, attacked the Olympian Gods, Zeus sealed Typhon under Mount Etna as punishment, while leaving Echidna and her offspring alone so they could terrorize Earth’s future generations. Although she was once believed to be an immortal and ageless nymph, she was killed by Argus Panoptes, the hundred-eyed giant, as she slept.

The Truth about Echidna Tentacles

It’s pretty hard to say what’s true about Echidna because she very rarely lets herself be seen. Not knowing what triggers her attacks makes every encounter with her much like a game of Russian roulette, a risky gamble where you know for certain there will be casualties.

Physical Attributes

Echidna is believed to have the face and torso of a beautiful woman but her body is that of a vile serpent. In that brief but unforgettable encounter I had with Echidna, I learned that she has more than one tail, so it’s more like tentacles. How can I know this for sure, you ask? Well, after she picked me up with one tentacle, disarmed me with a second and threw me 30 feet in the air with a third tentacle, I can definitely say Echidna has multiple appendages.

Her tentacles are so powerful and well camouflaged that you won’t have enough time to piss your pants at the horrific sight of her. And although I’m glad to have survived an encounter with Echidna, it’s hard to curb my curiosity. What does she really look like? Why did she spare only me out of the entire team sent to exterminate her? These and several others are questions that will always eat away at me. I may be gutsy but I’m not stupid enough to throw myself within her tentacle’s grasp to see if I have the same luck twice.

In Combat

Avoid walls covered in vines as this is an ideal location for Echidna to conceal her tentacles in plain sight. Her body is hidden underground so she can attack you from anywhere at anytime. The only glimpse you will catch of her will be her long tentacles lashing out at you. They will slither out from beneath the earth to grab prey and pull it down beneath the surface to never be seen again. She also uses tentacle swipes to wear down her foes.

It is damn near impossible to kill Echidna, so you’re only chance at surviving an encounter with her would be to completely cripple her. Using heavy artillery, such as a rocket launcher, you can destroy each of her arms when she attempts to strike. But DO NOT, under any circumstances use Molotov cocktails! If you do use one and Echidna grabs or swipes at you with a tentacle, prepare to feel the burn.