Legendary's Bestiary


In Myth

Griffins, or Gryphon, are mythical beasts commonly described as having the body of a lion with the head and wings of an eagle. Much like the two creatures its anatomy combines, the Griffin is considered a symbol of chivalry and nobility. The Griffin itself is often depicted as a representation of divine power.

Deeply rooted in many faiths throughout the globe, legends of the Griffin can be traced back as far as 3300 BC, and possibly even further. Griffins were also a common element in Greek mythology, appearing in several legends as Apollo’s pets and Zeus’ hounds. They also guarded hidden treasures such as emeralds and vast gold mines in India and Scythia, as well as tombs in Greece and Rome.

The Truth about Griffins

The Griffin was considered the most noble of all mythical creatures of the ancient world right up until it started picking off people like dinner rolls earlier today. Highly powerful and aggressive, these oversized birds don’t play around! The short-tempered Griffin is quick to show you exactly why it dominates land and sky.

Physical Attributes

The body of the Griffin has been debated for as long as the creature has existed, having been described with every combination of eagle, lion, and even snake body parts imaginable. But one quality has never changed - its size. Believed to be of colossal proportions, one claw alone measures the size of a cow’s horn.

Its eagle-like head has pointed, upstanding ears allowing it to use both sight and sound to hunt prey. Thick feathers grow on its head, neck and chest; the rest of the Griffin’s body is covered in leonine fur, subtly colored in shades of tawny brown. The Griffin’s claws are believed to change color in the presence of poison. I don’t know if this last bit is true but I am not getting close enough to find out.

In Combat

Griffins are blessed with the speed, flight, and penetrating vision of the eagle and the strength, courage, and majesty of the lion. This is more like a curse to anyone who resists becoming its brunch. Griffins are lured by the presence of chaos and can be seen hovering above in unfriendly skies. After wearing down prey using swoop attacks, they use their massive claws to rip apart their victims.

Griffins have no obvious weaknesses so you’re as good as dead without firepower to stave off their swooping attacks. The quickest way to take down a Griffin is to attack it from behind. If you’re face-to-face with a Griffin you’re only chance at survival is to find cover. This way the Griffin will be preoccupied digging through rubble giving you a small window of opportunity to get around it and fire away.

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