Leatherface stars in first Texas Chainsaw 3D image

[ Click on the image to see it in hi-res ]

Texas Chainsaw 3D has released a first official image online, giving us our first glimpse of our old pal Leatherface... well, at the back of his head, anyway.

The new image shows everyone’s favourite cannibal nutjob ambling down some disused railway lines towards what looks like an old warehouse. Ominously, the word “meats” is plastered all over the side of it...

The new film will pick up exactly where Tobe Hooper’s original left off, with Marilyn Burns’ character having escaped from the murderous Sawyer family and sensibly alerted the authorities.

However, an angry mob soon gathers before the police can get their act together, and the Sawyer household is swiftly burned to the ground in an example of good old fashioned Southern justice.

Some years later, a young woman discovers she has inherited an old Texas estate from a grandmother she never knew existed, and upon digging around her new grounds, soon uncovers some horrible surprises buried out of sight.

As you might have guessed by now, not all the Sawyers were killed in that fire after all... Directed by John Luessenhop and starring Alexandra Daddario and Scott Eastwood, Texas Chainsaw 3D opens in the UK on 4 January 2013. Expect splatter. Lots of splatter.

George Wales

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