Krasinski gains Something Borrowed

So John Krasinski is a definite no-no when it comes to Joe Johnston’s The First Avenger: Captain America . But apparently director Luke Greenfield is saying “yes please!” to the star of The Office .

Krasinski is currently having chats with Greenfield and Alcon about new rom-com Something Borrowed .

He would be tangoing on-screen with the already-cast Ginnifer Goodwin (who you may recognise from films like A Single Man and He’s Just Not That Into You , as well as TV ventures Robot Chicken and Big Love ).

Goodwin is playing a goody-two-shoes Manhattan attorney (she has that look down pat), who does the unthinkable when she falls in love with her bosom bud’s fiancé.

Krasinski has signed up for two films, both Something Blue and its sequel, which are based on a book series by author Emily Giffin. His role as Goodwin’s confidant is mostly supporting in the first, but takes the lead in the second.

Greenfield also directed Emile Hirsch in 2004’s The Girl Next Door , if that gives you any indication of what to expect. Not seen it? Well, it was a sort-of-sweet, big-hearted teen comedy that was better than it had any right to be.

Could Greenfield repeat that success with Something Borrowed ? We like them odds.

From America to a rom-com... Bad news for Krasinski?

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