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Kate Beckinsale Signs Up For Underworld 4

And Babylon 5 ’s J Michael Straczynski is working on the script…

Fans of pert bottoms encased in shiny PVC rejoice. After skipping out on Underworld 3 , Kate Beckinsale has signed up to star as Selene once again for a bit of vampire-versus-werewolf action in Underworld 4 .

However, her hubby, Len Wiseman, isn’t returning to the director’s chair he occupied on the first two Underworld s. As with the third film, he’ll be acting as producer, and the search is now on for a director (who can presumably frame and light pert bottoms in PVC to perfection).

Interestingly, though, the original script for film Underworld 4 by John Halvin, is now having rewrites done by none other than Babylon 5 maestro J Michael Straczynski. The story apparently adds the character of Selene's daughter intro the mix (so it will clearly be a sequel and not a prequel like Underworld 3 ). Production is set to start in March of 2011 in Vancouver.