Kate Beckinsale bundles up for Whiteout

There’s something about the strange weather conditions found in the freezing edges of the world that has suddenly sparked filmmakers’ attention.

Or, more correctly, two films are being adapted from graphic novels that take advantage of life in the freezer. The first, taken from Steve Niles’ 30 Days Of Night (following vampires attacking a small town swathed in month-long winter darkness), has already been before the cameras in New Zealand. The second is Whiteout, which Swordfish’s Dominic Sena is planning to direct this March.

Adapted from Greg Rucka’s illustrated tome by Erich and Jon Hoeber, Whiteout will follow US Marshal Carrie Stetko as she discovers the first murder to ever strike the Antarctic. The only trouble is, the sun’s about to set on the region for six whole wintry months, and Carrie will have to catch the killer before he’s off the ice or she’ll be stuck there in the dark with him for the whole of winter…

Kate Beckinsale, last seen killing vampires in a rubber cat suit, is currently the top candidate for the US Marshal’s job, while Sena plans to use Canada’s Manitoba province to stand in for the Antarctic, with Montreal providing soundstage space.