John C Reilly joins Cirque du Freak

We’re all about to get a load of John C Reilly showing off the musical talents he hinted at with Chicago when Walk Hard opens. But did you know he can also drink the blood of mortals?

It’s true*, and he’ll prove it when he starts work on Paul Weitz’ next directing job, Cirque du Freak.

Following in the footsteps of his brother Chris (who has been labouring away on some arty, low-budget tosh about a golden compass or something), Weitz has adapted Darren Shan’s kiddie novel about vampires battling the rival Vampanese. Reilly will play a fang club member who recruits a 14-year-old as an assistant and sees him turn into a half- vampire, a move that helps to ignite the worst conflict between the two groups yet.

Weitz starts drawing blood in February. If he’s successful, there are 12 books waiting in the wings for Universal to build a franchise around.

*It’s not true. For any lawyers reading, it’s really, really not true.