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Jeff Goldblum teases superhero movie role, world goes bananas

The future of superhero movies just got about a million times more interesting. Jeff Goldblum is trolling the heck out of us about a potential role in a comic book adaptation. 

During a recent MTV interview about the upcoming Independence Day sequel, the actor was asked if he had fielded any offers from the two major comic book studios. “I can say very little right now, but you might be on to something” was his mysterious response. When pushed to reveal his preferred CBM studio- he replied “What’s the difference? They’re both comic franchises.” He adds that he's open to an appearance in either DC's Extended Universe or the Marvel Cinematic Universe. 

There's always plenty of actors willing to toss their names in the ring when it comes to superhero movies. The opportunity to dangle precariously from wires while doing death-defying stunts, or to swan about in a cape looking buff, are both appealing. But this doesn't sound like wishful thinking. Goldblum's comments seem to hail from a place of actual truth. While it's possible that his people are already in the process of locking down some kind of a deal, he refused to dish any more details. "Watch this space," was his final comment on the subject. 

So, Marvel or DC, then. Which universe you prefer to see the Blumster in?

Images: Fox

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