I've been using this gaming headset for years and Prime Day just dropped a record low price

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I first picked up a Razer Barracuda X when I reviewed the original model back in 2021 and instantly fell in love. It was only when the 2022 version hit the shelves that my heart was fully captured. At $99.99 this was already a well priced gaming headset, but this week's Prime Day deals have dropped an absolute stunner on us. 

You'll find the 2022 Razer Barracuda X for just $69.99 at Amazon today (was $99.99). That's a $30 discount on a value-packed headset that really didn't need it. We've only ever spotted the cups at $79.99 before today, but that extra $10 sends us over the edge.  

The Barracuda X is truly one of the best gaming headsets on the market, and my time with it has proven that you don't need to spend big to get high quality audio. Of course, a $300 headset is going to offer a richer sound and potentially some extra fancy features, but with the spec sheet and level of comfort I've been enjoying since 2021 the Barracuda X manages to punch well above its price tag. 

Razer Barracuda X (2022) | $99.99 $69.99 at Amazon
Save $30 -

Razer Barracuda X (2022) | $99.99 $69.99 at Amazon
Save $30 - The latest Razer Barracuda X adds plenty of features over the original (look for Bluetooth compatibility to make sure you're getting the right one), and it's now down to its lowest price yet. A $30 saving brings this already well-priced wireless headset down to $69.99. 

Buy it if:  

✅ You're buying for Switch or PS5
✅ You want to double up as regular headphones
✅ EQ settings don't interest you 

Don't buy it if: 

❌ You want to fall back on a wired connection
❌ You don't need Bluetooth

Price Check: Walmart: $99.99 | Best Buy: $69.99

Should you buy the Razer Barracuda X?

Razer Barracuda X white gaming headset on a wooden table

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This is a simple plug and play system with a USB-C connection. That's why I primarily use it for Nintendo Switch and PS5 play, but of course it's open to a PC port as well. Between the comfort of those plush oval earcups and the impressive sound quality from each cup, I often find myself returning to the Barracuda X after reviewing far more expensive sets. 

There's just one player I wouldn't recommend the Barracuda X to. That's the Xbox player. Microsoft's wireless issues mean this headset doesn't play nice with the console's USB-C offerings. You can connect the headset using a good old 3.5mm cable, but I was disappointed with the results. There's no power going to the headset when connected in this way, and the audio quality seriously suffers for it. I can get by for a few Game Pass titles when needed, but I generally stick to my Switch / PS5 line with this device. 

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