Is Timothy Olyphant the Hitman?

The adaptation of Hitman, the Eidos console favourite beloved of parents who enjoy watching their kids slaughter enemies in a variety of gruesome ways (the family that slays together, stays together, surely?) has been rumbling through the halls of 20th Century Fox’s development castle for ages.

But while Vin Diesel has always been touted as the perfect man to star – thanks largely to pre-existing baldness – it’s now looking like the role will go to someone new.

Ain’t It Cool News is reporting that Swordfish writer Skip Woods has just finished a draft of the script that actually manages to turn the fun-yet-paper thin plot of the game into a workable movie.

And the man planned to heft the guns and wield the garrotting wire? Timothy Olyphant, who has won praise for his moody role as Sheriff Seth Bullock in Deadwood. Let’s hope he’s ready to take the razor to his noggin for that authentic Hitman look. Luc Besson’s producing, and while the film doesn’t have a director yet, it could be attacking cinemas as early as late next year.

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