Is Sony planning a Spider-Man spin-off focusing on Aunt May?

With Venom and Sinister Six spin-offs currently in the pipeline, Sony is broadening its horizons regarding the Spider-Man franchise, but could an Aunt May solo movie also be on the way?

Well, that’s the plan, according to Latino Review , who are reporting that the studio is mulling over the idea of an origin story, focusing on the character’s younger years.

The report claims that the film would be an espionage story, and would be tonally similar to Mad Men , although the more obvious comparison would seem to be Marvel’s Agent Carter .

While the notion of Aunt May as a super spy has yet to be explored in Spidey lore, there was a short-lived comic-book run entitled Trouble that dealt with Aunt May, Uncle Ben and the Parkers during their younger years…

We’d advise taking this one with a pinch of salt for now, although with studios keen to break new ground with female-centric superhero movies, don’t rule it out completely…

UPDATE: Comic Book Resources reports that Sony have denied an Aunt May spin-off, citing a studio executive who called the story a "silly rumour" with "no validity whatsoever".

George Wales

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