Invincible star JK Simmons says there'll be more Omni-Man in the future, but his appearances will "wax and wane"

Invincible season 2, episode 1
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Invincible star JK Simmons has teased the future of his character on the show – and it sounds like we'll be seeing more Omni-Man going forward. 

"One of the things that I find really interesting about the way Robert [Kirkman, Invincible creator], Simon [Racioppa, showrunner], and the whole team are continuing to conceive this is that it is like sort of riding the waves," Simmons told Screen Rant. "Sometimes, they're gentle waves, and sometimes, they come crashing against the rocks, because sometimes it feels like we almost lose track of Nolan, or lose focus on that character. And then, we come back and get a big dose of it, but to me, it never feels like we're getting too much."

He continued: "And the stretches where we're not seeing much, I think it's a really interesting creative choice to not only focus on other things, but to build that sort of anticipation and that sort of mystery of what the hell is going on with Nolan while we're not focused on him. So, yeah, to me, it's all a part of keeping it fresh. And yes, there will be more Nolan in the future, but it'll continue to sort of wax and wane." 

Invincible season 3 is definitely happening, though there's no release date for the next installment of the show just yet – in fact, Part 2 of season 2 is still currently releasing a new episode weekly on Amazon Prime Video, so there's probably a little while longer to wait yet. 

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