I can't believe the Elite Series 2 Core is this cheap a month before Black Friday

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We are exactly a month away from Black Friday, and the deals have already started appearing. Despite the Microsoft Elite Series 2 Core seeing a prolonged discount since October's Prime Day event, it's dropped in price again at Walmart, bringing it to a quite ridiculous new low. 

Down from its MSRP of $129.99 to only $85.17 at Walmart, this deal is nothing short of ridiculous. Remember, the Elite Series 2 Core is a lite version of the Elite Series 2, Xbox's homemade pro controller for Xbox Series X and S. Both versions of the Elite Series 2 also work with PC, making them some of the very best PC controllers on the market. 

The only difference between the two gamepads is that the full-fat Elite Series 2 comes with a box of attachments and extras you can use to customize the controller to your liking. You get different thumbsticks, back paddle options, and more. Usually, that fully fleshed-out version of the Elite Series 2 will set you back $179.99.

Of course, buying the accessories pack separately is an option if you want to get the Elite Series 2 Core first. But with that extra goody bag costing around $50-$60, usually buying the Core version and then the components will end up costing the same price as the full Elite Series 2. Luckily, the complete component pack is only $43.99 at Amazon right now.

Making use of these deals, however, you save a small fortune. If you go for the official component pack, you'll get the entire Elite Series 2 package for just $120 - less than the price the Core model is supposed to cost you on its own. 

Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 Core controller $129.99 $85.17 at WalmartSave $44.82

Microsoft Xbox Elite Series 2 Core controller | $129.99 $85.17 at Walmart
Save $44.82 - One of the best Xbox Series X/S controllers is on sale. We've never seen it drop this low before, and it's been sitting around the $100 mark since the start of October. 

Buy it if:

✅ You want one of the best pro controllers going
✅ You want absurd battery life

Don't buy it if:

❌ You won't make use of pro features

Price Check: Amazon (used) $82

Complete Component Pack for Elite Series 2$49.99$43.99 at AmazonSave $6

Complete Component Pack for Elite Series 2 | $49.99 $43.99 at Amazon
Save $6 - The official component pack for the Elite Series 2 comes with back paddles, thumbstick options, a 4-way D-Pad, a carry case, and a charging stand. We don't often see the official component pack go on offer, so this isn't bad at all. 

Buy it if:

✅ You want back paddles and thumbstick options
✅ You want to take your controller on the go

Don't buy it if:

❌ You're happy with no back buttons and attachments

Price check: Best Buy $59.99

But - that's if you go for the official component pack. Thanks to the Elite Series 2 using magnetic slots for its back paddle attachments, you don't have to go for the pricier official ones. There are cheaper options out there that bring the price way down.

For example, this pack by BSUZUN at Amazon is only $18.99 and it gives you everything that the component pack would. Alternatively, if you want a set of red attachments to match the gamepad that's on offer, this bundle by CometSouth is $29.99.

If you made use of either of those, you're getting yourself one of the best gamepads ever made, and undoubtedly the best Xbox Series X controller for only $100.

Xbox Elite Series 2 Core review image showing the controller next to a selection of its optional attachments

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Should you wait until Black Friday?

Most of the time, we'd recommend waiting until Black Friday gaming deals, since that's when we see the best discounts of the calendar year. While the Elite Series 2 Core could return to this price for Black Friday, I'd be shocked if we saw it dip any lower than this. 

In short, I wouldn't worry about waiting a month to see what kind of stock is available and what discounts are given. Black Friday Xbox deals, and indeed, Black Friday Xbox controller deals, are great, but this is a massive offer on one of the best controllers money can buy.

Who knows why the Elite Series 2 Core has been discounted for the last month or so? Could it be something to do with the new Xbox Series X refresh controller we learned about thanks to some new FTC leaks? 

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