James Gunn and Marvel disagree on whether I Am Groot is MCU canon

I Am Groot
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I Am Groot is Marvel’s latest Disney Plus series, featuring a collection of five short episodes about baby Groot. The animated series, created by Kristen Lepore, features the Guardians of the Galaxy character as he grows up across the universe. 

Vin Diesel reprises his role as the creature of few words alongside Bradley Cooper as Rocket Racoon. However, despite its links to the Guardians franchise, there’s some debate whether the animated series is canon to the MCU or not. 

James Gunn shared the disagreement during an Instagram Q&A with his followers. He was asked whether the show was set in Earth-616 or another entirely. "Some folks at Marvel seem to think it's canonically MCU," Gunn wrote. "I find that hard to see myself." 

Gunn has previously shared his doubts about the show’s place in the MCU. He was previously asked on Twitter how the series is linked to the Guardians of the Galaxy. "They are animated shorts so not necessarily part of the Guardians saga," he replied. "They're canon to themselves, I'd think."

However, one of the producers thinks it’s clear where the series fits into the Marvel timeline. Producer Brad Winderbaum told ComicBook.com the show was canon, explaining: "It’s a narrow window, right? It takes place actually between the end of Guardians 2 and before the tag scene in Guardians 2. So, it’s in this narrow window where Groot [is] in that kind of post toddler stage of development."

Lepore also told the publication she consulted with Gunn throughout the process of creating I Am Groot. "I had great meetings with James at several points in the process," she explained. "And the most pivotal one being our initial kickoff meeting, where we basically just discussed this amazing character that he created just to make sure we could do baby Groot the way we're supposed to."

I Am Groot is available on Disney Plus on August 10. There are also plenty more upcoming Marvel movies and shows on their way following Kevin Feige’s Multiverse Saga announcements at San Diego Comic-Con.

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