How to watch the Battlefield 2042 developer stream today

Battlefield 2042
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A Battlefield 2042 stream will be happening today, here's everything you need to know on how and when to watch it.

EA announced that another Battlefield 2042 stream is to be taking place today on the game's official Twitch channel at 11am EDT / 8am PT / 4pm BST. If you want to watch the stream here, we've embedded it just below. The stream will feature developers from EA DICE who will be talking about the game in more detail from a behind-the-scenes perspective as well as reflecting on the week since the game was officially revealed.

We're not expecting to see anything new revealed during this stream as it seems like it will be more of a reflection on the previous E3 2021 reveal. That said, we could find developers revealing some small tidbits of information through their conversations, be that gameplay features or development facts and figures.

While E3 month is still very much underway, EA won't be hosting its EA Play Live 2021 until July 22, where we'll likely see more information from Battlefield 2042 come to light. Despite that, the company has been present throughout the E3 2021 schedule by revealing the game ahead of its July event.

Battlefield 2042 is due to launch on October 22 and will be available on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S, although we learned that the PS5 and Xbox Series X|S versions are priced higher than PC and last-gen. We've learned a wealth of information about the game, such as the destructive weather, the in-game penguins, and we've also seen some official gameplay.

If you're curious to find out more about the game, you can learn more about all of the available maps heading to the new multiplayer shooter where players will play as specialists on the brink of war. You can also read up on how 128 players will storm the maps online seeing as DICE wants to focus on multiplayer rather than offering a campaign.

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