Battlefield 2042 gameplay debuts at E3 2021

Battlefield 2042
(Image credit: EA)

New Battlefield 2042 gameplay footage was shown off during today's Xbox E3 2021 presentation.

You can check out the brand new Battlefield 2042 gameplay trailer for yourself just below. In fact, this is the first proper gameplay footage we've seen of EA DICE's upcoming futuristic shooter, although there was a disclaimer attached to the trailer that this new footage was still "pre-alpha."

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In all, the Battlefield 2042 footage looked just as exciting as you'd probably expect. We saw soldiers running around desert and cityscape environments in massive conflicts, even having to deal with encroaching sandstorms and other weather-based hazards when fighting other troops.

This is actually all part of the theme of Battlefield 2042. In the new game from EA, the world has taken a distinct turn from the worst in the mid-21st century, sending the planet's weather system into overdrive and displacing millions of people from their homes all around the planet.

It's through this that we get the severe weather, like in the gameplay trailer seen just above where the sandstorm is wreaking havoc for all players on both teams. Additionally, we can also see players piloting huge aircrafts, which we can pretty safely say will be futuristic in their design and general aesthetic, along the everything else that's reasonably high-tech in Battlefield 2042.

Right now, the Battlefield 2042 release date is set for October 22 and is coming to PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Xbox Series S. There are only a few months to wait until we can finally get our hands on the next entry in EA DICE's famed shooter series, and see how the futuristic world surrounding us plays out, especially when filled with all these environmental hazards.

However, it doesn't look like EA's new shooter will be coming to Xbox Game Pass. You might recall that a previous rumor had the game launching through Xbox's subscription service on day one, but right now at least, there's nothing to suggest this will actually be the case.

For everything else you need to know about every other show happening over the next few days, head over to our E3 2021 schedule guide for more.

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