How to mute your PS5 controller mic or console

DualSense Controller
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Knowing how to mute a PS5 controller mic is something you'll definitely want to know, as otherwise the DualSense picks up everything automatically. Its integrated microphone can be useful for those who don't own their own mic and headset, but it's still something you want control over, not just picking up everything 24/7.

It goes without saying that if you've managed to buy a PS5 there's a lot for you to learn. So if you want to keep your voice off PSN, here we explain how to mute the PS5 controller mic, as well as muting your entire PS5 system at the push of a button.

How to mute a PS5 controller mic

Mute PS5 Controller Mic

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There are two ways to mute the PS5 controller mic, with the easiest being to simply tap the Mute button directly below the PS button on your pad. The button will light up orange to indicate that the DualSense mic has been muted, and you'll also briefly see a mute icon appear in the top right corner of your screen. Alternatively, you can tap the PS button to access the control centre icons along the bottom of the screen, then press X on the Mic icon (if you haven't hidden it by pressing Options) and select the Mute prompt.

To unmute the PS5 controller mic, either tap the Mute button again so the light goes out, or select the Mic icon from the control centre and hit the Mute prompt.

How to mute the entire PS5 system

Mute PS5 Controller Mic

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A neat feature which isn't well know is that you can quickly mute both the PS5 controller mic and all sound output from your system, which is handy if you need to speak to someone, take a phone call, check a video on your phone etc. To do this, briefly press and hold the Mute button until all sound output stops, at which point you'll see the button blinking orange to indicate your entire PS5 system has been muted.

To unmute your PS5 system, either tap the Mute button to turn off the light, or select either of the Sound or Mic icons from the control centre and choose the Turn Off Muting prompt.

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