Where is the PS5 Power Button?

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Where is the PS5 power button? Buttons and input on a Sony PlayStation 5 aren't labelled, so actually turning your console on and off can be a little tricky initially before you know what the buttons do. There's actually a couple of ways to turn your PS5 on and off, depending on whether you want to do so via the in-console UI or through more manual methods, but here we'll explain the latter - you can't use the UI until you've got the thing running, after all! 

The important thing to know here is that there's two slim rectangular buttons on the front of the console, next to each other, on the black section that splits the PS5 in half.

If your your console is standing vertically the power button is the bottom one. If you're going sideways, it's the button on the right (assuming you have the machine the right way around with the disc drive on the bottom).


(Image credit: Sony)

Unless you're setting your PS5 up in good lighting, it's actually very easy to miss both of these. Plus, as they're not labelled, it's not very clear which ones which until you start poking and prodding. If you're anything like me, you'll be nervous around your new bit of kit too, which never helps when things aren't clearly labelled. 

Of course, once you've got your controller all synced up, you'll probably never have to use the PS5 Power Button again. It's just the initial set-up process that may catch you out with its sneaky buttons. 

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