How to eject a PS5 disc

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Wondering how to eject a PS5 disc? Don't worry, new technology always requires a little learning, and this big new console is no exception. There's actually two ways to take a disc out of a PlayStation 5, either with hardware or software, depending on whether you feel like actually getting out of your chair (though obviously you'll still have to go get the disc once it's out). Still, we'll lay out all the ways on how to eject a PS5 disc below.

1. Eject a PS5 disc with the dedicated eject button


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First up in your quest to find out how to eject a PS5 disc is the physical eject button located on the console itself. There are two very thin, pill-shaped buttons near the bottom of the console - one is your power button, and the other is the eject button. If you're standing your console vertically, the eject button is the top button; if you're going sideways, it's the button on the left. Both the eject and power buttons are quite difficult to see, and neither are labelled, so it's easy to push the power button by mistake. 

2. Eject a PS5 disc via the UI

Eject PS5 disc

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Another way to eject a PS5 disc without having to scrabble about with the buttons on the console itself and that's via the UI. On the home screen, head to the tile for the game that you're wanting to eject the disc for - it's handily usually the first one on the rung. 

Press the Options Button on your PS5 controller - it's the one on the right by the Triangle Button with the three lines by it. This will bring up a little menu, including the option to check for updates, and more. But right there at the very bottom is the option to eject the disc. Hit that, and the disc will pop out of the PS5 as if by magic. 

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