Why isn't my PS5 controller charging?

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Why isn't my PS5 controller charging? There's definitely a few things that could be causing it, but statistically speaking, the most likely option is some issue with the USB-C charging cable that you're using. The DualSense is a bit picky about what cables it'll accept and allow to charge them, and charging directly from the mains makes it even pickier - but we'll explain in more detail below. If you're wondering why your PS5 controller isn't charging, here's every possible solution laid out clearly for you.

1. Charge via the PS5 itself


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First things first, if you're having trouble with PS5 controller charging, then opt instead to charge your pad straight from the PS5 itself. I've tested multiple USB-C cables plugged into the PS5 itself and had zero issues, regardless of the wire. So if you're struggling with mains charging this is definitely the easiest fix. 

2. Try a variety of USB-C chargers to charge your PS5 controller


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Secondly, if you're struggling to charge your PS5 pad via the mains, it's worth investigating two things:

  1. The plug you're using
  2. The wire connected to it

Now while this might seem like two very obvious things, I've found that one plug and cable combo worked, while the same plug with a different wire didn't. It's all down to the power required to power a USB-C device, as it uses a higher voltage than normal USB plugs. Have a look at your plug and double-check that it's a higher voltage than 2.5V. 

Here are some of the things we've had success with:

  1. Official USB-C phone charger (both USB-C to USB-C, and USB-C to USB)
  2. AC Mains Nintendo Switch charger

And those we haven't:

  1. Official USB-C Phone charger with a different USB-C cable
  2. USB-C Macbook charger

Basically just keep trying and testing your various USB-C and monitor the battery level in the Control Centre of your PS5 UI. The little battery icon will start animating when the PS5 controller charging is happening.

3. Invest in the DualSense Charging Station

PS5 DualSense Charging Station

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Finally, if all else fails - or if like me you're not a big fan of wires - there's also the DualSense Charging Station. Designed to look like a mini PS5, this nifty (and affordable) gadget can charge two PS5 controllers simultaneously, meaning if you've got a duo of pads you can just switch them out as and when one of them needs a nap. 

Check out the latest deals on the Charging Station below:

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