Heartless trailer goes live

It’s been 15 years since Krays director Philip Ridley's last film was released.

That was The Passion of Darkly Noon , and since then he’s been expressing himself creatively in the theatre.

Now, the prodigal son returns with psychological horror film Heartless , starring young up-and-comer Jim Sturgess of Fifty Dead Men Walking and Across the Universe .

The flick’s just got its first, natty trailer, up here at Yahoo .

In Heartless , Sturgess plays a young man with a heart-shaped birthmark on one side of his face. He’s devastatingly paranoid about it, and just wants to lead a ‘normal’ life.

When he discovers demons living on the streets of London, he enters a dark underworld where he makes a Faustian pact to have his birthmark removed. And we all know how pacts like that work out...

Check Heartless out when it hits cinemas on 21 May – and then DVD just three days later.

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