GTA 5 Monkey Mosaics location guide

Monkey Mosaics 11-20 

11: Grand Senora Desert

Around the back of the Animal Ark store, between stacks of wooden pallets.

12: Zancudo River

Behind the Discount Store, at roof level.

13: North Chumash

On one of the support pillars under the southwest end of the bridge.

14: Vinewood Hills

On a side wall on the roof of the Galileo Observatory.

15: Rockford Hills

On an outside wall of the Cottage Park building.

16: Richman

Down the steps of the UCLA building opposite the running track.

17: Pacific Bluffs

Around the back of the church, at ground level behind a tree.

18: Pacific Bluffs/Bay City Incline

Along the side of the long set of stairs leading to the pedestrian bridge.

19: Pacific Ocean

At the fair end of Del Perro Pier, on the side of a bench.

20: San Andreas/Sandcastle Way

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