GTA 5 Letter Scraps location guide

North Los Santos


23: There are two small islands just east of the power plant, along the east coast. The scrap of paper can be found on the northern most island. To make things easier on yourself, be sure to take a chopper over there

24: In the Vinewood Hills, follow the trail up to the top of the large hill just north of the Observatory. When you get up there, you will find a rest stop with a “Big O” stand. The scrap will be on the ground in front of it.

25: Head to the huge Vinewood Sign in the Vinewood Hills and climb up the “I” in the sign. As soon as you reach the top, you will collect the scrap.

26: Enter the backyard of the house there will a kidney shaped pool. Once in the backyard, go to the east side and there will be an open door leading to a room with a ping pong table. Just inside the door will be the scrap.

27: Head along route 11 leading south from Tonga Valley and you will come to a fruit stand on the side of the road. Stop there and the scrap will be on the ground in front of the map sign.

28: Oh a hedge maze! When you reach the Kortz Center on the top of the Pacific Bluffs, go to the rear of the first building and go down the stairs to enter the hedge maze. When you enter, make a left, right, right, left, left, and a final left to find the scrap on the ground.

29: In Chumash, there is an ocean side hotel along the Great Ocean Highway. Head over to it and go to the pool and bar area in the back. To the south of the patio area, there will be a bar with the scrap sitting on it.

30: Head to the cemetery here and you will see a small patch of water on the map. Go to it and the scrap will be in the center of the small island there.

31: Go to the movie lot and head to the southwest corner where the globe is on the roof. Climb the stairs there to get up to the catwalk and find the scrap on the ground between some electrical units.

32: Look for the apartment building in this area where you can take the stairs up to a half circle courtyard. Look on the edge of it to find the scrap there.

33: Head to the construction site just north of the Del Perro highway with a large yellow crane. Go to the lower part of the site and near the center will be a rectangular hole. The scrap will be inside.

34: There is super tall yellow construction crane located here. You need to get yourself all the way to the very top of it to collect the scrap of paper. Get to climbing! It takes a while!

35: Make your way to the roof of the Hawaiian Snow building via the back alley and there will some skateboard ramps there. Look in the center of the half-pipe for the letter.

36: Head to the race track and make your way up the stairs to the seats. Go to the second section from the south and then check the fourth row back. The scrap will be on the ground there.

37: If you have done the "Under the Bridge" exercises, then this bridge should be well known to you. Look for the scrap on the edge of the center platform points towards the northeast.

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