GTA 5 Letter Scraps location guide

South Blaine County


13: Head to the rundown motel and in the back, in the empty swimming pool you will find the scrap.

14: Near the south airstrip at the Sandy Shore airport, there is a large round rock that looks like a coiled up poop. Climb on top of it and at the very top will be this scrap.

15: Enter the Stoner Cement Works plant, just west of the Sandy Shores airport and there will be a ladder on the left side, near the center of the building. Climb all the way up to the roof to find the paper there.

16: Go to the Valley Hill Church to the north of Great Chaparral and there will be a cemetery on the north side. The paper will be on the ground in front of three crosses.

17: Just west of the church, along route68, you will come to a small bridge before you reach the gun and clothing stores. Stop at the bridge and then go around to look under it where the scrap will be.

18: This one can be rather difficult to find, but it helps greatly if you stick along the southern shore of the swamp. As you get near the west edge, there will be three inlets that reach north. You can find the scrap directly right of the eastern most inlet.

19: Make your way to this small winding road and make your way south along it from route 68. When you get to the first curve in the road, stop and get out of your car. In the side of the rock face, there will be a wooden door. Depending on where you’re standing though it can be blocked by trees. Look for the wooden door and the scrap will be on the ground to the left of it.

20: When you reach this farm house located just southeast of Harmony, look behind the billboard to find the scrap.

21: When you reach the construction site here, go to the northwest side to see a large cylinder being built behind orange fencing. In the center of the circular floor will be an opening with the scrap inside it.

22: Just north of the power station, along the eastern beach, there is a rather large cave that you can enter from the water. Inside will be a boat and the scrap you want on the left side. You’ll need to go all the way into the cave to see it.

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