GT5 bundle includes exclusive new blue PS3

I’ll be honest, between the office PS3s and my housemate’s 80GB, I’ve yet to purchase my own PS3, but with Gran Turismo 5 nearly here (fingers crossed, knock on wood, throw salt over shoulder) that’s about to change. Will this sexy Titanium Blue number be the one? Or is Sony planning a completely different American marketbundle?

Currently only set for release in Japan, this sexy "Titanium Blue" 160 GB PS3 Slim comes with a Dual Shock 3 controller and a copy of the game,as well assome additional “Stealth” DLC cars. The package includes the Mclaren F1, Mercedes Benz SLR AMG, and a few others, which means it covers all of the exclusive pre-order content from Amazon and Gamestop. Of course this is a Japanese only release, so I doubt either retailer can whine about it. Converted fromYen, it should cost about $421.Sadly the bundle still does not include an HDMI cable, which is pretty ridiculous considering they cost about $2 online.

While those of you with cash to burn may be interested in the blue bad boy, be aware, you’ll have to get your DLC and updates from the Japanese PSN, and that Blu-rays are still region locked, so it may be too much of a hassle for us Westerners. Even so, if Peacewalker got two special edition PSPs, it stands to reason Sony will be releasing an American GT5 bundle deal. Hopefully it'll be a little flashier, something more like this:

Above: The FFXIII Lightning edition

Even though I'm not a 12 year old girl with a deviantART account, I still think that is one sweet pink/white PS3. We should be careful what we wish for though, I'm already having nightmares of a PS3 slathered in NASCAR livery.

Aug 18, 2010

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