Impenetrable Car Article: Which exclusive Gran Turismo 5 pre-order car takes the pole position?

Pigs are coasting through the sky, The Devil is dusting off his North Face jacket; Gran Turismo 5 is actually coming. Pre-orders have finally opened up for GT5 on Amazon and Gamestop, but what's this? Each vendor is offering an exclusive car(s) for their pre-order customers! We've seen this incentive before, but with Transformers pre-order bonuses selling for up to $100 on ebay, maybe it's time we actuallyput some thought into where we pre-order our games from.

GameStop exclusive: McLaren F1 %26amp; GameStop #20 NASCAR

According to GameStop's site, this "Stealth" McLaren F1 willbe “Custom tuned for improved performance, including weight reduction, and increased power. Also features custom carbon fiber “Stealth” paint scheme with Gran Turismo racing logos.” The site doesn't specify if the DLC will put the car directly in your garage or ifit will just be unlocked and then purchased with in-game credits. The idea of rolling up alongside Ford Fiestas and HondaFits at the Sunday Cup in an F1 is appealing though.

GameStop's pre-order DLC also includes their #20 NASCAR, a Toyota Camry. If you're into NASCAR, or would like 2 free cars,then your choice between Amazon and Gamestop is a no-brainer. For everyone else though, we'll focus on the McLaren and the Mercedes.

Amazon exclusive: Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG Stealth Model

While it’s not clear whether this SLS AMG is the standard edition or the upcoming 2013 SLS AMG Black Series, the car will likely have the same modifications mentioned in Gamestop’s description of their McLaren F1.

For continuities sake, we’ll assume the mods and weight loss on each car are equal and just work off of the known stats for each existing production car.

Check out page two for the verdict!

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