Green Lantern 2 could still be a possibility

green lantern

Green Lantern may have suffered from less-than-positive reviews, but Warner Bros is still confident that it can turn the film into a franchise.

The studio hired Michael Goldenberg to write a sequel script way back in August 2010, and it seems it is keen to continue on with its plans for a Lantern 2.

That comes as a surprise considering Lantern failed to set the box office alight. It opened with a fairly miserable $53m, and has so far only made $89m domestically (something the studio admits is "slightly disappointing").

Still, worldwide ticket sales have now hit $118m, so WB has almost made back the film’s mammoth $200m budget.

If the film proves to have box office staying power (so far it just about has), more money could mean the studio officially gives Lantern 2 the green light pretty soon.

Considering both of the studio’s biggest attractions – Harry Potter and Batman – are both coming to an end, it’s understandable that they’re looking for the next big thing.

Sadly, it’s not clear yet if Lantern ’s up to such pressure.

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