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Grab TowerFall Ascension while it's free for 1 day on Epic Games store

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The next free gift from the Epic Games store is the perfect way to make your holiday parties ten times shoutier and 100 times more fun. The store is offering up TowerFall Ascension as a free download for just one day (ending on Saturday at 8 am PST / 11 am EST / 4 pm GMT), following the turn-based tactical brilliance of Into The Breach. There are still 10 more days of free games to follow, and this lineup is pretty unmissable so far.

If you need more convincing that it's worth your time to go to the Epic Games store and claim your copy now, would it help if I told you that we picked TowerFall Ascension as one of the best games of the decade? Here's what GR+'s own Ben Tyrer had to say about its inclusion in the lofty list.

"This multiplayer gem can be summed up as Bomberman with bows, as four players battle it out on detailed pixel art maps. Like developer Matt Thorson's follow-up, the wonderful Celeste, TowerFall is so moreish because the movement of characters feels perfect, never too twitchy and with just the right amount of weight on your jumps. Moreover, this helped facilitate truly frantic fights (you haven't lived until your final arrow has landed in a mate's bum) that made it an instant couch multiplayer classic."

Like the best party games, TowerFall is easy to pick up and play. All you need to worry about at first is running, jumping, and shooting. Then as the competition heats up you can start learning all the intricacies; time it right, and an air dodge will let you snatch an opponent's arrow from the air. Time it wrong and you'll die, but at least it will look cool.

Sadly, TowerFall doesn't support online multiplayer. But that just gives you all the more reason to download it now and get ready to take on friends and family while everybody's home for the holidays.

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